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20140501-105525.jpgWhen I started blogging, I never intended to talk about my day job. But today, I’m breaking that rule, a little anyway, mostly due to this campaign.

In my day job, I work with kids all day long. The kids I work with mostly come from a lower economic backgrounds and almost all are considered “minorities.” These kids are amazing. They make me laugh. They have great imaginations. They have all the potential for greatness in the world, but so many of them don’t believe it.

It kills me that there are so few books, so few stories, that feature kids who look like them or might be experiencing some of the same things they do. Books that could inspire them to do anything. This eraser, this white-washing of literature, does them a huge disservice. It does everyone a disservice. It tells these amazing kids their stories are not the worthy stories. And this is not okay.

It’s so easy to just say, “Well, this is how things are. Obviously, if people wanted more diverse books, they would buy them.” This is an excuse. This is ignorance. This is not okay.

We need more diverse books because we are all have stories of worth to tell. We need more diverse books because our world is not one color, one race, one gender, one experience, but many. We need more diverse books because the kids I work with deserve stories about kids who looking like them and are amazing like them.

Do you think we need more diverse books? Then say something. Do something. Join up with the campaign linked above.