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Happy Belated New Year Internet!

Also, notice I don’t do resolutions. Why? Because invariable, I fail at them…like remembering to blog. But seriously, it’s been a remarkably busy holiday season for me. Not so much in 2014 yet, but everything leading up to it involved loads of traveling, knitting, and so much junk food I’m not sure I want to think too closely about it.

So far, 2014, has been a “getting back to business” sort of year. And by business, I mean revising the novel. I’m still on my first pass, but the end is in sight! As of this moment, I have six more chapters to comb through, and then I’m letting my beta-readers at it.

I had this hope to be finished by the start of 2014. And I will, sort of, except it’ll be more like sometime in the first month of 2014. I have to keep reminding myself that I have time, that I am on no set deadline and can enjoy the revising process.

Let me just type that again…ENJOY the REVISING process.

I wish I did, but I’m pretty sure I enjoy writing the rough draft more. Revising, for me anyway, is more of a garment-rending and stress-ridden experience a lot of the time. Sure, I make things better. But there is so much angst involved in getting to the better. And while the first pass is almost done, it will not be the last pass. I know my novel isn’t where I want it to be, not yet.

However, I do enjoy the result of revising. There’s something about watching feeble straw prose turn into gold that gives me hope. Each time, it’s better, closer to how I envision it. The process may seem to take an eternity, but it does work. Or as a brain-damaged, yet wise fish once said, “Just keep swimming.”