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So I talked about hand spinning here a while back ago. It is both a soothing and frustrating occupation, especially because I was having some troubles with it lately. It seemed like any time I tried to spin, my fiber would break. I had no idea what the problem was. I thought I was doing it right. I mean, what is so hard about twisting fibers?

It turns out, all I needed was more spin (or twist). If you don’t have enough, the fibers stay fibers instead of turning into yarn. To fix this issue, I had to go back and re-spin all of my hard work. But now it actually looks like yarn. It’s still not as pretty as any store-bought yarn, but it is mine.

It’s yarn! My yarn, my own, my precious

Where am I going with this? Well, I’m also in the midst of revising my novel right now. And since there’s a long-standing associate between spinning and story-telling (spinning a tale/weaving a story), it kind of connected for me. Re-spinning is like revising. What is good is I know I’ll have some much more book shaped at the end of it. Unfortunately, I also know that’s not the end.

Most yarn is plied, meaning two or more strands of what I make the first time around have to be spun together. Plying yarn is easier than first spinning it, as it doesn’t require as much twist, but it’s still time consuming. It also makes it look more like expensive novelty yarn instead of a stringy mess. The same is true after you get those global revisions done. You still have to go back and fix all the little stuff, like awkward sentences and typos and small continuity errors (like changing eye/hair color). Even then, you’re still not done, same thing with spinning. You have to set the new yarn, and then, hopefully, knit or crochet it into something cool.

Needless to say, the thought of turning my fiber than needed re-spinning into a scarf is terrifyingly daunting. So is the idea of my messy draft ever turning into a published novel. I’m part way there with my spinning, for I now have my two-ply novelty yarn. Guess it’s time to get my novel into shape as well.