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I come to you this day to announce my undying adoration for…COFFEE!

Never were there truer words.

I didn’t always love coffee. Once upon a time, when I was tiny and adorable, I hated it. I mean, I loved the smell, but for some reason, the smell did not match up with the taste, in my opinion, and that left me disillusioned. I blame my mother for giving me heavily milk-diluted coffee when I asked to try some at again six. There’s a reason we have chocolate flavored milk and not coffee flavored milk, just saying.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t actually develop a taste for coffee until a few years back. I had a roommate who went through a pot or two of coffee daily. And we’re not talking the sissy 4 cup pot, but a 8-10 cup pot. Needless to say, I joined the dark side…with a splash of creamer, and never looked back.

Now, coffee is part of my way of life. I need my fix before work every morning. On the weekends, I make it through a sissy pot before writing (More than 4 cups at a time is just a bad idea, trust me). Having a bad day? Go get coffee. Need to warm up on a winter day? Go get coffee. Have five bucks left for dinner? Go get coffee.

The relationship might be on the dysfunctional side, but it works for me. Coffee is always there, reassuring and nonjudgmental. I gotta say, there are worse things to adore.