I’m a liar.

For some reason, my friends have yet to figure this out and my family thinks I am the most truthful child of all. But the thing is…I’m not. I tell more stories than most. Perhaps they have grains of truth in them, but for all intents and purposes, I deal in fiction.

I would rather tell a story than tell the truth. Or worse, I’ll give you silence over the truth. The truth is dangerous, you see, a substance best handled by professionals. It does fine in doses, like me telling you I’m a liar, but beyond that, no more is needed. Of course, that could be complete bull. I’m certainly not going to own up to it one way or another.

Writing is merely one of the ways I lie. I lie with my smile. I lie with silence. I lie with boys and girls. Did you have to read that last sentence twice? One part is true, another is a lie. Or is it? Words are the best way to lie, the perfect way to lie, and the perfect way to tell the truth.