Moving is complete!

Or well, it’s been complete for a while. Life, er, happened in the meantime. May has been my month of minor boy drama. I have no desire to rehash it. I think I unfortunatley spent more of my time hiding and crying than I would like to admit. But May is almost over and the boy drama is finished, so…yay! Onward to being awesome!

I think that needs to be my new battlecry.

Anyway, I’m getting my equilibrium back. I’m writing more. I’m freaking out less about money. And I’m making plans for the summer. Most of them involve the pool and writing, but a few are specific. I have a super awesome vacation in July with Lady Awesome, Bookworm, and their respective better-halves. And with some luck and good planning, my sweet baby sister will be coming to visit me for a week or so in August.

I will also try to work on my blogging habits. In other words, actually develop them. It’s a long shot, but with all the writing I plan on doing, well, it’s worth pursuing.