So I’m moving in a week. A week! And even if it’s only down the road, it’s still a big deal. I haven’t moved in over two years. Do you have any idea how much crap one accumulates in that amount of time? Well, I’m starting to get the idea.

I packed the easy stuff a few weeks ago, books and craft-y stuff I don’t daily use. But now I have a week left and everything else to pack. And I’m not into panic mode yet, but I kind of want to push that button. Instead, I’m all in, “it’ll get done, everything will work out, things are good,” mode. It’s weird. I kind of miss my neurotic side and her flair for dramatics, but I must say, it’s a heck of a lot less stressful.

I could have gone the dramatic route this week. I’ve had a dramatic week, or well, at least an eventful one. I wrecked my car at the beginning of the week. I am 100% fine, but my car has some cosmetic and headlight issues now. I realized that I’ve been so wrapped up with trying to figure out dating and what I actually want that I haven’t been writing anything, which has made me twitchy. And, oh yeah, moving in a week!

But instead of being like this…

I’m going more for this…

And I think, at the least, I can manage some awesomeness over melodrama.