Last month was crazy and busy. It was also full of plenty of stories…but I’ll get to those later. Yes, that includes the workshop. Let’s just say I’m still processing everything I learned from it at this time. It will have its own shiny post in due time, likely when my focus is entirely back on writing.

At the present, my focus is on moving. Yup, I’m moving! Yay! And it’s only to another apartment in the same complex I live in already!

Okay, so that’s not as earth-shattering-ly exciting, but it’s a huge change to me. My day job, I like, so I really don’t want to move and lose it, but the increase of rent around here is forcing me to downsize. Thus I am discovering that joy of going through all the junk one accumulates and trying to decide what I want to keep and what I want to donate/sell/throw-out. So far, I’m up $5…which I turned around and spent on a hamburger. What can I say?

This isn’t my first moving show, so I know how to pack and whatnot. What I’ve not done before is downsizing. And I have certainly never downsized trying to earn some extra cash out of the deal. But there’s a first for everything! That makes me think of another story from last month…but I’ll get back to that over the next week or so. For now, this gal has packing and research to do.