So I had intentions to blog this week, but life ended up being busy, and I’ve been distracted. Also, I’ve been the victim of bad dreams and poor sleep. These are all excuses, but then, I think daily blogging might be biting off more than I can chew, at least right now.

No, I’m not still mooning over the Blue-Eyed Boy. I’ve still shed not a tear over it. I’m moving on. I just want proper sleep!

Insomnia is a close frienemy of mine. We spend many a night together, but lately, she likes to call at, oh, 4am or so. Oddly, I love getting up crazy early. What I can’t stand is the crash after lunch, especially when I’ve yet to find a job that allows afternoon naps. Seriously, it makes me want to move to some tiny European town where I can partake of daily siestas. One day…

It’s weird, but I used to hate naps. I rebelled at them in kindergarten and refused them outright throughout my teenage years. But since finishing college, I’ve slowly yet surely been turning into a napper. You’d think your own bed would be the best place to nap, but no. It’s a couch. A specific couch.

There is a couch, a cream colored fluffy perfection in the midst of my friends’ home library. It is a napping couch. Anyone who curls up on it or lays her head against the armrest will become a victim of its spell. No, seriously, it’s amazing the number of people who’ve fallen asleep on it, myself included. One second you’re sitting there, checking your phone, and then you close your eyes only to open them an hour or two later. There should be a warning sign next to it: Recline at your own Risk!

Anyway, I’ve gone down quite the rabbit trail this evening. So that’s it for now. More randomness to come on Saturday, and perhaps I’ll reveal my distraction.