Okay, so I realize it seems like I’m claiming to be some kind of rebel in my tagline. Is it too meta to talk about my own tag line? Whatever.

There’s a story behind it, which I will tell, but first, some history on the word “rebel.” It has various meanings, like most words. Here’s one from www.thefreedictionary.com. I think it covers all the basics.

rebelvb [rɪˈbɛl] -bels-belling-belled(intr; often foll by against)

1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) to resist or rise up against a government or other authority, esp by force of arm.
2. to dissent from an accepted moral code or convention of behaviour, dress, etc.
3. to show repugnance (towards)
n [ˈrɛbəl]
a.  a person who rebels
b.  (as modifier) a rebel soldier a rebel leader
2. a person who dissents from some accepted moral code or convention of behaviour, dress, etc.
[from Old French rebelle, from Latin rebellis insurgent, from re- + bellum war]

I never entirely thought of myself as an undercover rebel, at least, not until I was talking with one my friends, Lady Awesome. No, that’s not really her name, but it should be. Anyway, Lady Awesome and I were talking about mantras. I’ve never been a big believer in them. But the Lady…she makes a strong case for using one. No, I won’t tell hers. I think she might had trademarked it or something. Needless to say, she decided I needed one too.

Me: Maybe it could be something else that starts with an ‘A’ like Astonishing or Amazing or…

LA: Undercover Rebel.

Me: What? I’m a rebel?

LA: Yup.


LA: You look all normal, but you’re really a huge nerd. Also, how many people really know you’re so weird and creative and shit?

Me: You, and maybe…(counts on hand) ten others tops.

LA: So you’re an undercover rebel. Just go with it.

Me: Okay, I like it.

And so, I’m going with it. Maybe I’m not a traditional “rebel,” but then, going against tradition is kind of the point. And now, because I cannot think of the word rebel without thinking of David Bowie, have a picture.

Hair flips were never so bad ass.